by The Blue Hour



Recorded between April and June 2017 in the Piksie Nest and Rabbit Hole
Mastered by Wade Alin @ Standard Mastering


released October 27, 2017

Brian: music and voice
Marselle: voice and music
Maria Grig: strings on 1, 5, 11


all rights reserved



The Blue Hour Seattle, Washington

The Blue Hour blends dream pop, synth wave, and industrial with hints of psychedelia, folk, and electronica to create haunting songs, focusing on texture and rhythm and beautiful discord ... and most of all magic.

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Track Name: One More Mystery
We had to see in the dark
We were children of the night
We had to be in the dark to be
Children of the night
My hair reached to the sky
To try to reach your height

You’re with the gods
I’m with the rocks
You read the cards
I find the squats

One more mystery, one more day
They say leave me one more day
One more mystery, one more day
They say leave me one more day
Holding out your hand to say, please
Holding out your hand to say, give me please
Track Name: Fire on Rooftops
Following the pulse and thrum
to clubland once again
Of neon words from poet past
The beat that drove us on
to the edge of wild dreams
But nightlife breathes us in again

Ch: Like a deadening high
Or a cinder adrift
Ends with fire
Begins with a kiss
Dance on the rooftops
Ember underfoot
Ends in ashes
Began like this

The city full of walls and doors,
an empty place to find
She climbs the hollow stairway
Between the us and them
just the blackness of below
Till daybreak breathes us out again

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Come Find Me
Look down below
The bodies glow
Through eyes once young
Who would ever know

~Chorus~ (that she) She dances in the moonlight
A starry field alight
Her honeyed voice sings out
Come find me now

I hear her call
Her voice behind the wall
Her heartbreak brings me closer
Like the shadow falls


Unbroken, time builds walls
Uncertain, her footsteps fall

A hidden word
I’ll whisper to a bird
Set my dreams on wing
In the night she stirred

Track Name: Block the Sound
**On a day of followed signs
 and hallowed grounds
**I did my shine
Block out the sounds

Of laughter
Of screaming of all that
We were running from

**On a day not like today
but as it was
*I did my best to trust
Block out the sounds

Of sirens
Of all that
The world is coming to

**By the way I'm having fun
Lined out my veins
*I did my best but it
It's never good enough

For hoping
For praying
For hiding
What I have become
Track Name: On the Wall
Raindrops on George
You traced eternity on my soul 
red square holds court 
those lords and ladies all look dead

Pale, pale faces
Boots and laces 
Following the tracers
To you
And your sparkly cigarette

High on the wall
Not afraid to fall
Not afraid of anything

Pale, pale faces boots and laces
Following the tracers
To you 
And your sparkly cigarette

Pale, pale faces 
boots and laces 
following the tracers 
to you
And your sparkly cigarette
Track Name: False Moon Glow
Remember when the sun was a pregnant orb 
nestled in her nest in the heart of the sky,
Her tongue unfurled to drink moisture from the stone,
drove the moon underground to hide from her thirst

Ch: We lay side by side, 
Painting stars in empty rooms.
We name our constellations 
After days we never knew.

A map forms ‘round your eyes, marks the place
Between here and where you once stood
you turned away, hiding pale, cracked lips 
I knew that you were fractured, eroding, turn to dust

Ch: We lay side by side, 
Painting arrows on our nails
We name our constant target 
After a place we never went

You kiss me desperate under false moon glow
Your mouth tastes of sand and the sky is stained
I remember, a mirror, darker still recollection
I love them though they’re not real

Ch: We lay side by side, 
Painting faces on our palms
We name our future home
After ghosts we’ve never know
Ch: We lay side by side, 
Painting sunlight in our eyes
We name our falsehoods closely 
After dreams we need to grow
Track Name: A Tree Stands Alone
A tree stands alone
Outlined black against the snow
The winter’s silence descends
Darkness comforts like a friend

Bringing songs of sadness to my lips
A filigree of words and shapes
Here I stand alone

Like an ancient god, he stands
Witness to all life
Locked in years of solitude
Outside all and yet within

Dead leaves are forgotten memories
Ghosts refusing their reprieve
Here I stand alone

And here the emptiness in my hand
Reflects the places I have been
And in the tree, I find myself
The carnival of spring long gone

Cling to life that I once lived
Frozen breath outlines her form
Here I stand alone

Words are wind
Words are breath
Words are substance
Words area real
Track Name: Lost Landmarks
There’s so little magic
On this faded street
All the landmarks
Are lost

Yet I hear the echo
Of the memory
of your footsteps
Leading from home

Ch. Still I follow the darkness
To daylight’s bright grin
And each time it takes me
to strangers within

Past judgmental eye
A lunatic’s pride
A rainstorm in a bouquet


I cry out to god
(a simple request)
to show me the way
Still I follow
The sound leads away
To you, to you, to you

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